2015-2016 NSMA Officers

The NSMA governing structure is comprised of Officers, a Board of Directors and Committees elected by the membership. Feel free to contact the NSMA Secretary or any other member with your questions. Click on the person’s e-mail address to send e-mail to that NSMA official.

George Kizer - NSMA Vice PresidentPresident | George Kizer

George began his microwave radio career in the U. S. Air Force. He was a communications officer leading a Scope Creek team of senior Air Force technicians around the world evaluating Department of Defense (DoD) fixed point to point microwave radio communication links. After his service in the Air Force, he joined the DoD as a civil servant and became the microwave radio systems engineer for the Digital European Backbone, the first DoD digital microwave radio system. George later worked for Collins Radio Company, Collins Transmission Systems Division of Rockwell International, Alcatel USA, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia. While at Rockwell and Alcatel, George served as Systems Engineer (primarily overseas microwave projects), Program Manager (various long haul and turnkey microwave projects), and Product Manager of network management and fixed point to point microwave radio products. George authored the books Digital Microwave Communication, Microwave Communication and the chapter “Microwave Radio Communication” in Handbook of Microwave Technology. He is currently a telecommunications consultant in Plano, Texas.

Phone: 972-333-0712 | georgekizer@gmail.com | Term Expires: 2018

PHoto of Joseph SandriCo-President | Joseph Sandri

FiberTower was created March 2014. Mr. Sandri has served as an officer at FiberTower and its predecessor companies (Old FiberTower and First Avenue Networks) since 2005. Prior to that he was involved in the formation of IDT Spectrum, where he was president. He was an early stage executive at Winstar Communications and its growth cycle 28 GHz and 39 GHz acquisitions, until and through its asset sales to IDT. Prior to that he was a telecommunications attorney with Keller & Heckman, LLP, where he represented oil, gas and electric utilities and telecommunications manufacturers. Mr. Sandri served as a U.S. Government delegate to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), most recently in U.S. negotiations in Geneva in May 2016. Mr. Sandri is a member of the IEEE and its Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. Mr. Sandri is president of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s Chesapeake & Potomac Chapter Parents Association.

Phone: 202-223-1028 | jsandri@fibertower.com | Term Expires: 2018

Dave Popkin - NSMA TreasurerTreasurer | Dave Popkin

Recently retired after 21+ years employment at Bell Atlantic / Verizon. Duties included both microwave and mobile frequency coordination and spectrum management along with FCC compliance and docket management responsibilities. Charter Member of NSMA. Currently Chairman of the By-Laws Committee and Vice Chairman of Regulatory Committee. Served as Telephone Maintenance Frequency Advisory Committee [TELFAC] Region 1 representative. Prior to that worked as field Electronics Engineer for 16 years in the FCC New York City District Office. Elected NSMA Fellow in 2001. Served as Chairman of WG3 for many years.

Phone: 201-569-2212 | w2cc@ARRL.net | Term Expires: 2018

Photo of Brad YoungbloodSecretary | Brad Youngblood

Brad joined Micronet Communications in 2002. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. Brad is an accomplished field engineer and microwave path surveyor as well as frequency planner and coordinator. He has done significant numbers of frequency coordination & licensing projects for both satellite earth stations and terrestrial microwave systems. Prior to Micronet, he worked for DSC/Alcatel, in the installation design engineering area. A Navy veteran, Brad served on the USS Cushing (DD-985) from 1995 – 1998.

Phone: 972-422-7200 | brad@micronetcom.com | Term Expires: 2018

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